Why Taproot is the Preferred Bitcoin Address for Ordinals Supported Wallets?

Taproot addresses offer great privacy and making them the preferred choice for Ordinals wallets.

Why Taproot is the Preferred Bitcoin Address for Ordinals Supported Wallets?


I imported my wallet from Ordinals Wallet to UniSat and noticed that UniSat gave me four types of Bitcoin addresses, while Ordinals Wallet only gave me a Taproot address.

Additionally, Ordswap wallet only supports Taproot address transactions. I am wondering why Taproot is preferred by many Ordinals platforms.


Most Ordinals-supported wallets support Taproot addresses, because Ordinals protocol was first tested on Taproot address. So, Taproot addresses are generally considered more efficient than other types of addresses for storing and transacting BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin NFTs.

Bitcoin addresses that start with bc1p are Taproot addresses.

E.g., bc1pfn00v3lvkarnn807qnl2ln33w8h8kjey0va8hytzq5937pz0tezqeezaqy 

Also, Taproot has little to no restrictions on what they can store. They also receive a discount on storage fees, making them a relatively economical way to store inscription content.

Can I Send Bitcoin and Inscriptions Across Different Addresses?

Bitcoin addresses are cross-compatible, so you can send Bitcoin and inscriptions to different wallet types.

When you are having problems sending or receiving assets, it is likely due to restrictions from your service provider. For example, Ordswap only allows transactions between Taproot addresses.

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