Why My Safe to Send Balance is Too Low in UniSat Wallet?

Increase your safe to send unisat wallet.

Why My Safe to Send Balance is Too Low in UniSat Wallet?


When I try to send my Bitcoins out of the UniSat wallet, it says that my safe to send balance is too low than the actual balance in my wallet. What should I do now to get my Bitcoins back?


Each inscription holds certain amount of sats which is called inscription balance.

This inscription balance cannot be transferred. The output value of an inscription transaction shows the number of sats that the inscription is holding.

You cannot withdraw inscription balance because doing so will delete the inscriptions.

However, it is possible for inscriptions to mistakenly hold significant amounts of bitcoin. In these cases, the bitcoin can be released from the inscriptions. Here's how to free your Bitcoins from them:

Free Bitcoins from Ordinals NFTs inscriptions

Free Bitcoins from BRC-20 tokens inscriptions

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