Why Do I Have Inscription in My Wallet, But No BRC20 Tokens?

This happens with invalid inscriptions. Here's how to know the validity of an inscription.

Why Do I Have Inscription in My Wallet, But No BRC20 Tokens?


I minted BRC-20 tokens in my UniSat wallet and received the inscription, but the tokens are not showing in my wallet.

When I imported my UniSat wallet to Xverse wallet, the tokens were visible. I also listed the inscription on the Ordinals Wallet marketplace, but I am unable to list them on the UniSat marketplace.

The UniSat wallet only shows the inscription (#10568956) under the All tab, and not as BRC-20 tokens. Can you help me find a solution?


It is possible to receive inscriptions in your wallet that do not represent any BRC-20 tokens. These inscriptions may be displayed as tokens in some wallets, but they are not actually tokens.

Some marketplaces may even allow you to list these inscriptions, as all inscriptions are essentially non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

UniSat wallet will not display invalid inscriptions as BRC-20 tokens because they are not actually tokens. You will not be able to list these inscriptions as tokens on the UniSat marketplace as well.

Here's how to know validity of inscriptions:

Step 1: Visit BestinSlot homepage.

Step 2: Enter your inscription number in the search bar and click on that inscription.

Step 3: It will show you such inscription as Invalid Transfer Note.

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