Solved: Why are my Assets not Showing after Importing my Wallet to UniSat?

Recover assets from your bitcoin wallet with custom derivation path.

Solved: Why are my Assets not Showing after Importing my Wallet to UniSat?


I imported my Sparrow wallet into UniSat, but my assets are not showing up. The UniSat wallet is empty. But still my assets are present in Sparrow wallet.


We personally checked this issue, and the user had the following derivation path for the Sparrow wallet they imported:


When you import any wallet to UniSat, the default derivation path will be:


So, to import your wallets with different derivation paths, simply click Account on your UniSat wallet.

Hit Plus button.

Choose the name of account and click Create a Account.

Your new account will be created with the derivation path of m/86'/0'/0'/0/1 within same wallet, and your assets will be visible there.

Using same method, you can create accounts for all derivation paths in this order:

m/86'/0'/0'/0/0     for first account on UniSat
m/86'/0'/0'/0/1     for second account on UniSat
m/86'/0'/0'/0/2     for third account on UniSat
m/86'/0'/0'/0/3     for fourht account on UniSat

The number 86 is only used for Taproot addresses. Here you can see the type of your wallet address:

Wallet Types Address starts with
Native Segwit bc1q
Nested Segwit 3
Taproot bc1p
Legacy 1

When importing other types of addresses, the derivation path will be as follows:

m/84'/0'/0'/0/0     Native segwit address
m/49'/0'/0'/0/0     Nested segwit address
m/44'/0'/0'/0/0     Legacy address

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