Shots FAQs

What are shots?

Shots 🏌🏼 is the quirky corner of the HUD blog where we tackle short and snappy questions, which may have a sprinkle of silliness. It's not just a place for dumb questions, but also for those quick queries that can be zapped with a one-liner or don't quite deserve a marathon 500-word blog post. So, grab your beverage of choice and get ready for some rapid-fire, chuckle-inducing answers!

How to ask questions to Shots contributors?

We're itching to dive into your shots-worthy questions! Join our lively Discord community and unleash a barrage of queries in our dedicated #shots-questions channel. We'll take a deep breath and put our best efforts into crafting snappy responses that hit the bullseye. So come on in, ask away, and let the shots begin!

How long it will take to receive the answer in shots?

Usually, we aim to answer all these questions before the week ends. However, I must confess that at this very moment, I am the sole person 🙋🏻‍♂️ behind the HUD blog (from A to Z). So please bear with me as it may take a bit longer to get through all the queries. I appreciate your patience, and rest assured, I will do my best to provide responses as promptly as possible.

Can I ask anything related to decentralized technology?

Absolutely! But here's the deal: we're all about shaking things up, so we don't fancy entertaining questions about centralized exchanges. We prefer to focus on the wild world of decentralized wonders.

Can HUD team answer every question?

No, but we've got some serious experience 👩🏽‍🎓 under our belts. We're confident in our research prowess to bring you the answers you seek. However, let's keep it real here - we're not infallible. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we may stumble along the way.

How can I become Shots generous contributor?

We need your expertise!🧙🏿‍♂️ Simply join our Discord community and head over to the #shots-contributors channel. Take a look at the pinned post for the guidelines, and you're all set to dive in and start answering questions. Read the remaining FAQs yet.

What are benefits to become shots contributor?

HUD will manually track the performance of each contributor using a points system on a Google Sheet. This allows for monitoring and recognition of the valuable contributions made by each individual.

What will benefits of shots contributor's points?

We have plans for a gradual transition to a Web3 blogging company where we may also introduce a token. These points may have potential benefits within that context, but it's important to note that there are no guaranteed benefits 💸. That's why we refer to you as generous contributors.

Did you use ChatGPT to write these fancy FAQs?

Ohhh yes. How did you know that? Tell us in HUD discord.