Shibaswap Review 2023 - A Decentralized Exchange on the Ethereum Blockchain

Is this Decentralized Exchange on the Ethereum Blockchain Worth Checking Out?

Shibaswap Review 2023 - A Decentralized Exchange on the Ethereum Blockchain
Shibaswap Review

Once upon a time, there was a group of friends who wanted to trade their valuable items, such as rare coins and valuable gems. However, they didn't trust any of the traditional marketplaces, as they charged high fees and could be easily manipulated.

One day, they stumbled upon a magical forest, where they met a friendly dog named Shiba. Shiba showed them a new way to trade their valuable items., where they could exchange their items with each other directly, without any middlemen. They named this new way Shibaswap.

The friends were excited to try out Shibaswap, and discovered that it was a decentralized exchange that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. They could trade a variety of items, including rare coins, gems, and even their own unique creations.

Shibaswap also offered them the chance to provide liquidity for their items and earn rewards in return. This incentivized them to hold onto their valuable items and participate in the exchange.

While they were using Shibaswap, they noticed that it was secure and transparent. They could see all the transactions happening on the blockchain, and they knew that no one could manipulate the exchange.

Shiba was happy to see the friends enjoying Shibaswap, and she explained that it was a new way of trading that was fair, transparent, and accessible to everyone. The friends continued to use Shibaswap, and they recommended it to their friends, too.

It was just a story to make your learning journey more enjoyable.

Review: What is Shibaswap?

Shibaswap is a relatively new decentralized exchange (DEX) that was launched in July 2021. It was created by the SHIBA INU (SHIB) community, a meme-based cryptocurrency inspired by the popular Dogecoin. The SHIB community has gained significant popularity in the cryptocurrency space, with its market capitalization reaching billions of dollars at one point.

Shibaswap was created as a part of the SHIBA INU ecosystem, which includes other projects such as LEASH and BONE tokens. The aim of Shibaswap is to provide a decentralized alternative to centralized exchanges, which are often criticized for their high fees, lack of transparency, and vulnerability to hacks and security breaches.

Despite being relatively new, Shibaswap has gained significant traction and popularity within the cryptocurrency community. It has already established itself as a leading DEX in terms of trading volume and liquidity, with many traders choosing to use it due to its low fees and user-friendly interface.


In this review, we'll explore Shibaswap's features, advantages, and potential drawbacks. Let's dig!

Pros of ShibaSwap

Shibaswap offers a range of features to you, which includes the following:

  1. Trading: Shibaswap allows traders to trade various ERC-20 tokens, including SHIB, LEASH, and BONE, as well as other tokens that are listed on the exchange. You can trade these tokens directly from your Ethereum wallets, without the need for any intermediaries.
  2. Liquidity provision: Shibaswap allows you to provide liquidity for the tokens listed on the exchange and earn rewards in return. By providing liquidity, you help to ensure that there is always a pool of tokens available for trading.
  3. Low fees: Shibaswap aims to provide low fees for its adopters, which is a significant advantage over traditional decentralized exchanges that often charge high fees.
  4. User-friendly interface: Shibaswap has a simple and easy-to-use interface, which is designed to make it accessible to both experienced and novice traders. The user interface is intuitive, and makes it easily to navigate through the different functions of the exchange for you.
  5. Security: Shibaswap is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which is known for its security and immutability. The exchange uses smart contracts to execute trades and ensure that transactions are transparent and irreversible. ShibaSwap is audited by CertiK.
  6. Decentralization: Shibaswap is a decentralized exchange, which means that it is not controlled by any central authority or organization. This makes it more resistant to censorship and manipulation, which is a significant advantage over centralized exchanges.
  7. No KYC: Shibaswap does not require Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, which means that you can trade cryptocurrencies without revealing your identity.
  8. Doggy DAO: Doggy DAO is a type of decentralized autonomous organization that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It's specifically focused on making Shiba Inu more decentralized project.
  9. Burn Shiba: It allows you to burn the Shiba tokens on the platform and earn passive income while doing so.

Shibaswap offers a range of features that make it an attractive option for traders who are looking for a low-cost, user-friendly, and decentralized exchange for trading ERC-20 tokens.

Potential Drawbacks Of Shibaswap

  1. Limited token selection: Shibaswap currently only supports a limited number of tokens, which may limit its appeal to you. This may change over time as the exchange adds support for more tokens.
  2. Price volatility: Like all cryptocurrency trading, trading on Shibaswap can be subject to price volatility. While the automated market maker (AMM) system used by Shibaswap helps to reduce the impact of large buy and sell orders, traders should still be aware of the risks of trading in a volatile market.
  3. Impermanent loss: Providing liquidity on Shibaswap carries the risk of impermanent loss, which is a temporary loss of funds that can occur when the price of tokens in the liquidity pool changes. This risk can be mitigated through careful selection of the tokens to provide liquidity for, as well as ongoing monitoring of the pool.
  4. Security risks: While Shibaswap is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which is known for its security and immutability, there is still a risk of smart contract vulnerabilities and other security risks. You should always take precautions to protect your funds, such as using a hardware wallet and following best practices for secure trading.
  5. Limited features: While Shibaswap has a simple and easy-to-use interface, it currently lacks some of the advanced trading features found on more established centralized exchanges, such as margin trading or order books
  6. Network congestion: Shibaswap is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which can sometimes experience network congestion during periods of high trading volume. This can lead to slower transaction times and higher gas fees.

While these limitations and challenges should be taken into consideration, they do not necessarily outweigh the advantages of using Shibaswap as a decentralized exchange. Ultimately, you should carefully evaluate your trading goals and risk tolerance before deciding to use Shibaswap or any other cryptocurrency exchange.

Final Reflections

Shibaswap offers a unique DEX experience with low fees and the opportunity for you to earn rewards through staking and liquidity provision. However, you must exercise caution and carefully consider the risks associated with trading on a decentralized platform. Shibaswap should also prioritize security and address any vulnerabilities that may arise. Overall, Shibaswap is an exciting addition to the DEX market and worth considering for traders looking for low fees and the potential for rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What tokens are supported on Shibaswap?

Shibaswap currently supports a limited number of tokens, including SHIB, LEASH, BONE, ETH and others. However, here you can see the all listed tokens.

2. What are the fees for trading on Shibaswap?

Shibaswap charges a 0.3% fee on trades.

3. Where to get support from ShibaSwap team?

You can join their discord or telegram to talk with community and ShibaSwap team members.

4. How do I vote on Doggy DAO proposals?

You will need to stake your $BONE tokens, which will give you $tBONE staked form of actual $BONE tokens. With these $tBONE tokens you can vote on Doggy DAO proposals here.

5. What are ShiboShis NFTs?

ShiboShi NFTs are special digital assets that are created on the Ethereum blockchain and connected to the ShiboShi club, which is established by the Shiba Inu community. By holding ShiboShi NFTs, you can gain benefits such as direct communication with the team and early access to news related to upcoming NFT and gaming releases.

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