How To Set Up and Use Trust Wallet On Mobile and PC

Do you want to use trust wallet on your mobile or pc? Here's how to set it up on your device.

How To Set Up and Use Trust Wallet On Mobile and PC

Cryptocurrency has become a popular asset class among investors, with many seeking to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on the potential returns of this growing market. To send and receive cryptocurrency, you will need a crypto wallet. Trust Wallet is a popular crypto wallet that can be used by both Android and iOS users, and it also has a web extension for PC users, which was not available before. Let's get started.

What is Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is an open-source multi chain supported crypto wallet that provides you with secure storage and management of digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. It is available for mobile and PC users.

Trust Wallet with multiple layers of encryption, ensure that your funds are protected by stringent security protocols. Additionally, Trust Wallet incorporates a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to complete transactions and monitor your portfolio.

Trust wallet is the solution for managing your cryptocurrencies in a stress-free manner. With just some quick taps, you can effortlessly stake, trade and buy crypto - it's that easy! Plus, trust wallet allows you to access decentralized applications right within the comfort of your own wallet.

Remember If you lost your private keys, even Trust Wallet founder can't recover your wallet.

Let's explore how the Trust Wallet works on both mobile and computer devices to keep you step ahead.

How Trust Wallet Works on PC

Trust wallet web extension is available for all browsers on PC, including Brave, Google Chrome, Opera, Edge, Mozilla Firefox and others.

Once you’ve installed the extension, you can access your Trust wallet from any browser at any time and make transactions with just a few clicks on your PC.

Download And Setup Trust Wallet Web Extension on PC for Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac

  1. Go to the homepage  and click on Browser Extension button on top center of website.

2. Click on Get Trust Wallet button.                                            

3. Now you're on chrome web store, just hit the Add to Chrome blue button and extension will add in your browser in matter of seconds.

4. Find Trust Wallet icon in your extensions list and click on this.

‌‌5. New window will show. Its time to set up your new crypto wallet. Click on Create a new wallet.

6. Trust wallet will ask for optional permissions, then you can set password. After this, Trust wallet will provide suggestions to keep your private key secure.

7. Now it will show you the secret phrase of your wallet, just copy and save it. when you'll proceed It will ask you to confirm your seed phrase.

8. Congratulations, your wallet is ready. Click on Open Wallet button and start using your crypto wallet.

How Use Trust Wallet On PC

Trust wallet web extension only provides a secure and convenient way to send and receive your cryptocurrency on your PC.

Receive Crypto On Trust Wallet Web Extension

Open the extension and click on the coin you wish to receive from someone. This will provide two options: Receive or Send. When you choose Receive, it will give you the address for your wallet for that specific coin.

Send Crypto From Your Trust Wallet Web Extension

Open the Trust wallet extension on PC and select the cryptocurrency you want to send. Enter the address of the recipient and enter the amount you want to send. You can also adjust the fees to ensure your transaction is processed quickly.

Once all of this has been entered, confirm that all the information is correct before you click 'Send'. After that, you'll be prompted to enter your wallet password or biometric authentication if enabled. Finally, you can review and confirm your transaction before submitting it to the blockchain.

How Trust Wallet Works On Mobile

You'd rather use your mobile device? No problem, you can begin by downloading the Trust Wallet app on either an iOS or Android device. This will allow you to get started with ease.

Download And Setup Trust Wallet Mobile App

  1. Open Google Play Store  Android or App Store for iOS and search for Trust wallet app.

2. Install it in your mobile device and open it up.

3. Click on CREATE A NEW WALLET. It will ask you to tick some boxes.

4. Next it will show you the secret phrase of your wallet. Copy it and save somewhere else. In some cases, Trust wallet also offer two options either to store your secret phrase manually or take help from google drive.

5. Confirm your seed phrase.

6. Now you've Trust wallet app on your mobile device.

How Use Trust Wallet App On Mobile

Swap: Trust wallet allows you to easily exchange your cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other ERC20 tokens for various other digital currencies.

Buy: Ready to purchase cryptocurrencies? Quickly and conveniently fund your account using a credit/debit card on third-party platforms, such as Binance P2P, Binance Connect, Simplex or Transak in wallet.

Earn Rewards: To stake your crypto, all you need to do is deposit supported crypto coins or tokens into the Trust Wallet, select the desired staking option from the app and wait for your rewards. Rewards are typically distributed on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the staking option chosen.

Transfer Crypto: Trust Wallet makes it simple and straightforward to send and receive cryptocurrencies on desktop or mobile.

NFTs: You can unlock the world of Non-Fungible Tokens with Trust Wallet's dApp browser! You can start collecting and trading your own NFTs in some of the most sought-after marketplaces in wallet.

DApps: With your very own secure wallet, you can conveniently discover an array of decentralized applications designed to make your life easier.

Final Reflections

Trust Wallet provides a secure and decentralized solution for storing, transferring, and receiving digital assets. Your Trust Wallet is exclusive to you, and no one else can access your assets. Moreover, you have the option to connect your Ledger hardware wallet to Trust Wallet, although this feature is currently in beta phase. By doing so, you can enjoy an extra layer of security for your assets. Don't miss out on the DeFi revolution and take advantage of crypto industry today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Trust Wallet launched Chrome Extension?

On November 14, Trust Wallet browser extension was released and is currently accessible on Google Chrome and Opera. This extension enables you to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies on various blockchains.

2. What is Trust wallet browser?

Trust Wallet Browser is a powerful feature that comes with the Trust Wallet app, providing you easy access to decentralized applications (dapps). With this tool, you can explore blockchain games, avail yourself of DeFi platforms and other dapps in just one click from within Trust Wallet.

3. Do Trust wallet has its native currency?

Yes, Trust wallet has its own token which is called Trust Wallet Token (TWT). When you hold it in your wallet. It gives access to exclusive features such as discounts on fees, special promotions and exclusive events. You can also use it to pay for goods and services from vendors who accept TWT payments.

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