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How Use DApps has been a trusted source for decentralized technology tutorials and news. As experts in the field, our team tests products and services and provides honest opinions on their value.

Our Promise

Our coverage remains independent and unbiased, with experts.

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We put every product to the test, using them as our readers would for at least a week before sharing our thoughts. We only review products and services we see as valuable to our audience, and our comments reflect that. We create difference between products, not worth using and best products available by our comments.

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Our independence is never compromised. In case, we fall short or you have feedback, our Editor-in-Chief Malik is open to hearing it.

Our Reviews Team

Our team of writers has years of experience in blockchain industry and provides easy-to-read, in-depth reviews based on real-world experience. Each team member has a core interest, ensuring they are responsible for reviewing products they care about the most. This ensures fair testing and balanced opinions.