How to Verify Your BRC-20 Balance On Chain?

Verify your BRC-20 balance on the blockchain with these simple steps.

How to Verify Your BRC-20 Balance On Chain?


I am concerned that my wallet may have a bug, as it is showing that I have no BRC-20 tokens. I would like to verify my balance on the blockchain to confirm that I do indeed have the tokens. How can I do this?


Here are the steps on how to verify your BRC-20 balance on the blockchain:

  • Go to the UniSat. Click BRC-20.
  • Enter your wallet address in the search bar.
  • Now, you will be able to see all BRC-20 tokens that are in your wallet.

Difference between Available and Transferable Tokens

When you receive BRC-20 tokens, they will be displayed as Available in your wallet, but you will not be able to transfer them out of you wallet or list them on decentralized BRC-20 tokens marketplace immediately.

First, you need to inscribe a transfer for the BRC-20 tokens. Once you have done this, the tokens will become transferable and will still show in the Available section of your wallet.

You can then transfer the transferable tokens to any other wallet or list them.

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