How to Use A Beginner's Guide

Sell your blog posts as NFTs or crowdfund your ideas before writing an articles on

How to Use A Beginner's Guide

Are you a writer in need of a platform that offers a decentralized and transparent approach to publishing and monetization? Look no further – may be the solution you're searching for!

This unique publishing platform uses blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, allowing you to transform your work into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that can be sold to readers and collectors – providing you with a new source of income. Let's review and see how it works!

What is is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that provides bloggers with a free publishing platform, much like Google's – but with an improved interface and more benefits.

To ensure that your articles are securely stored and available for long-term access, Mirror uses decentralized storage space of!

As part of the Mirror DAO, you have the opportunity to crowdfund your ideas and receive financial support from other members. This funding can then be used to write an article about your concept and offer funders the chance to earn a portion of the profits generated from it.

Best of all, you can monetize your content by selling it as NFTs and earning royalties.

Create Mirror Account and Publish First Blog NFT

  1. Land on their homepage and click on Get Started blue button.

2. A pop-up is about to appear on your screen. It will prompt you to connect your preferred wallet with the platform.

In case you're using Trust wallet mobile app. Once the pop-up appears, simply click on WalletConnect and you'll be prompted to scan a QR code.

To do this, open the settings in your Trust wallet and use the Scan QR code option to scan the code that appears. Once you've done this, Mirror will ask you to confirm the connection in your wallet.

Once you've successfully connected your wallet, you can start using the Mirror.

Mirror DAO has its own token, known as $WRITE. It cannot be found on exchanges at this moment - for more details, please refer to the FAQs section.

3. You have the power to decide wether you'd like this website to remember your login credentials or require authentication of each action through your wallet.

When you choose Remember Me, a signature request will be sent directly to your wallet for approval and then - boom!- Mirror is ready for use. The choice is yours, so make sure the decision best fits with what works for you.

4. Mirror will need just a few basic details from you, so take the time to fill them out.

5. Make your profile on mirror truly unique by customizing it with a personal picture or cover image, and make further adjustments to ensure that you stand out!

6. In case you own a domain with ENS, you can now verify it on mirror for an added layer of trustworthiness.

7. You're on the dashboard and click on Create Your First Entry to start writing your blog post.

8. Welcome to the Mirror editor's writing interface! This is where you can craft your blog posts and make them even more captivating with the features available in Blocks section. You can also conveniently import any published stories using URL.

9. Before publishing your artcile, Mirror will demand to connect with the Optimism Network, simply select the option Switch to Optimism Network and give your connected wallet a one-time permission. Once you've authorized it for current login session, no further switch will be needed in order to post an entry.

When you ever reconnect your wallet after disconnecting it, one time switch will be required before any post is made live.

10. Navigate to the funding section to set a price and supply for your article as an NFT. Not wants to use any funding options? skip this step.

Click on Sign in and Publish and grant permission from your wallet to publish your story on the Mirror platform. When that's done, it will be available for others to collect and enjoy!

The Mirror platform provides readers the opportunity to get notified when you share new articles by subscribing to your content.

Final Reflections

Mirror is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which means that those who own Mirror sub-domains (such as, are members of the DAO and have the opportunity to participate in decision making. By burning your 1 $WRITE token, you can obtain a sub-domain from here and engage with DAO members in dedicated Discord. While still evolving, Mirror has a unique user interface that attracts individuals to begin their blogging journey with this decentralized publishing platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get $WRITE token?

The current use case of $WRITE token is limited to obtaining a sub-domain on Mirror and becoming DAO member. You believe that your work is strong enough to warrant a sub-domain? simply follow the instructions outlined here and the team will review your case on an individual basis. Satisfying the undisclosed criteria may make you eligible to receive $WRITE token. is currently working on a new discord onboarding experience and as a result, they are not currently accepting new members from the general public. However, they plan to open up the new discord soon for everyone to join and participate.

3. What is $WRITE race?

This was community vote program for granting $WRITE tokens to new publishers for dedicated sub-domains, which has ended. is currently preparing a new onboarding experience.

Have questions about decentralized technology? Ask our Discord community.