How to Unlist Your BRC-20 Tokens From UniSat Marketplace?

Unlisting your BRC-20 tokens from UniSat marketplace is a simple process that can be completed in a few steps.

How to Unlist Your BRC-20 Tokens From UniSat Marketplace?
unlist your brc-20 tokens from uniSat

UniSat has its own marketplace where you can buy and sell BRC-20 tokens. However, when you have listed your tokens for sale and no longer want to sell them for any reason, you can unlist them from the UniSat marketplace.

Unlisting your BRC-20 tokens from the UniSat marketplace is a straightforward process. Here, we will walk you through the steps involved in unlisting your tokens from the UniSat marketplace.

Unlist Your BRC-20 Tokens

Step 1: Connect your wallet with UniSat.

Step 2: Go to UniSat marketplace.

Step 3: Choose the ticker of the token that you listed for sale.

Step 4: Click My Orders.

Step 5: Click the Unlist button next to the inscription (BRC-20 tokens) that you want to remove from sale.

Step 6: To confirm the transaction in your wallet, you will need to pay a Bitcoin network fee. Once the transaction is confirmed, your tokens will be removed from sale.

Relisting BRC-20 Tokens Requires Transfer Inscribe

When you have unlisted BRC-20 tokens from the UniSat marketplace, you will need to inscribe the transfer again before you can transfer them out of your UniSat wallet or relist them. Inscribing a transfer incurs network fee.

Final Reflections

UniSat is the leading decentralized marketplace for BRC-20 tokens, this makes UniSat a more secure and censorship-resistant option than centralized exchanges. BRC-20 tokens are a new type of token that can be created on the Bitcoin blockchain.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who created UniSat platform?

The team behind UniSat is not public, but we know that MetaMask helped them to develop the UniSat wallet.

2. Where to get support from UniSat platform?

You can join the UniSat Discord server to get help from the community and team. This is the official guide to UniSat.

Have questions about decentralized technology? Ask our Discord community.