How to Transfer BRC-20 Tokens From UniSat to Ordinals Wallet?

Transfer your BRC-20 tokens from unisat to you ordinals wallet.

How to Transfer BRC-20 Tokens From UniSat to Ordinals Wallet?
transfer brc-20 tokens

BRC-20 tokens are a new type of token that can be used on the Bitcoin network. They are created using the Ordinals protocol. You have BRC-20 tokens in your UniSat wallet, you may want to transfer them to your Ordinals wallet. Here's how to do it.

Transfer BRC-20 Tokens

Step 1: Before you can transfer your BRC-20 tokens, you need to inscribe the transfer of these BRC-20 tokens in your UniSat wallet. Check out our detailed tutorial on how to do inscribe transfer of BRC-20 tokens.

Step 2: Open your UniSat wallet. Navigate to the BRC-20 section. Click on the box of the token that you want to transfer from UniSat to your Ordinals wallet.

Step 3: In your UniSat wallet, you will see a green box that contains all of your transferable BRC-20 tokens.

The ticker (THUD) is unique identifier for the token, and the number (1) indicates the number of tokens that you own. To transfer your tokens, click on the green box.

Step 4: Click Transfer, select the transferable token you want to transfer, and click Next.

Step 5: Enter your Ordinals wallet address, select network fee and click Next.

You can use any address type (native segwit, nested segwit, taproot and legacy) from UniSat wallet to transfer your BRC-20 tokens to Ordinals wallet.

Step 6: Click Sign & Send.

Step 7: Click Done.

For instance, we transferred 1 THUD token to our Ordinals wallet.
In your Ordinals wallet, you can see all of your received BRC-20 tokens under the My Inscriptions section. One inscription can contain more than one BRC-20 token.

Suppose you minted 10,000 BRC-20 tokens. You then inscribed transfer of 5,000 tokens once and 5,000 tokens again. Now, you have two inscriptions of 5,000 tokens each.

Here is how you can transfer BRC-20 tokens from your UniSat wallet to your Ordinals wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who created UniSat Platform?

The development team of UniSat is not publicly known, but MetaMask is known to have assisted in the development of the UniSat wallet.

2. Where to get support from UniSat platform?

You can join the UniSat Discord server to get help from the community and team. This is the official guide to UniSat.

Have questions about decentralized technology? Ask our Discord community.