How to Transfer Bitcoin From UniSat to Xverse Wallet?

Transfer bitcoin from unisat to xverse wallet.

How to Transfer Bitcoin From UniSat to Xverse Wallet?


I'm a new user who wants to transfer Bitcoin from your UniSat wallet to my Xverse wallet.

I know that Xverse has two deposit addresses, one for Ordinals + BRC-20 tokens and one for Bitcoin. I would like a tutorial on how to transfer your Bitcoin from UniSat to Xverse?


Here are the steps on how to move your Bitcoin from your UniSat wallet to your Xverse wallet:

  • Open your Xverse wallet, then click Receive.
  • Copy your Bitcoin address. Your Xverse Bitcoin deposit address begins with 3.
  • Now, open your UniSat wallet and click Send.
  • Paste your copied Xverse wallet address into the recipient field. Then, enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to send.
  • Select the network you want to use to process this transaction. The fee for processing this transaction will go to miners. Click Next.
  • Review the total amount of Network fee (in BTC) that you'll pay for this transaction and click Sign & Send.
  • Your transaction is now processing and will be credited to your Xverse wallet after it is confirmed on the blockchain.

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