How to Split the Multiple Mixed Inscriptions?

Split your merged inscriptions before listing them in the marketplace.

How to Split the Multiple Mixed Inscriptions?
split the mixed multiple inscriptions

When you have more than one inscriptions in your wallet, they may be merged into a single UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output). This can prevent you from transferring them separately to another wallet and listing them on the ordinals marketplace. To fix this, you will need to split the inscriptions. Here's how to do this.

What are Inscriptions?

Inscriptions are a way to store data on the Bitcoin blockchain. This data can be used to represent NFTs and BRC-20 tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Split the Multiple Mixed Inscriptions

First Method

This method is useful when you have assets (inscriptions) stored in a Taproot address of your Bitcoin wallet.

Step 1: Import Wallet to Ordswap

Import your any Bitcoin wallet that contains the mixed inscriptions to the Ordswap wallet using a Hex Private Key. Bear in mind, WIF key isn't a hex private key.

By entering your Ordswap key in the designated field, your wallet will be instantly opened. It will show you the all inscritpions in your wallet.

Step 2: Send Bitcoin to Ordswap

Ordswap will provide you with a Bitcoin deposit address, send a small amount of Bitcoin (approximately $4) to this address from another Bitcoin wallet.

The Bitcoin will be used as the network fee for splitting the merged inscriptions. It is necessary to send this Bitcoin from a different wallet, as the Bitcoin in your imported wallet, where the inscriptions are also located, cannot be used as the network fee.

Step 3: Split Inscriptions

Ordswap display the merged inscriptions, simply click on the Split button, it will only cost you the network fee, and the inscriptions will be split from each other.

Your inscriptions have been successfully split from each other from the one UTXO in which they were merged. You can now close the Ordswap wallet and can resume using the wallet you were using before.

You can also transfer your inscriptions from Ordswap wallet to any taproot address of Bitcoin wallet.

Alternative Method

You can use this method when your assets are in non taproot address of your wallet.

Step 1: Create Ordswap Wallet

Go to the Ordswap homepage. Click on the Wallet.

You will be prompted to new screen. Now, click Create new wallet.

Copy the hex private key Ordswap provides and make sure you keep it in a safe place. Because this is the first and last time Ordswap is showing you this. Next, click I saved my key in a secure place.

Enter your key in the Ordswap key field.

By entering your Ordswap key in the field, it instantly open your wallet. You will need to enter your key each time you want to access your wallet. Copy your deposit address.

Step 2: Import your Main Wallet to UniSat Wallet

Now, you need to import your wallet to UniSat Wallet. When your assets are already in UniSat Wallet, you can skip this step.

Download the UniSat wallet chrome extension.

Open the UniSat Chrome extension and click I already have a wallet.

Create your wallet password, and click Continue.

Choose the type of wallet you're trying to import in UniSat wallet.


Enter your 12-word seed phrase and click Continue.

Choose the type of address where your mixed inscriptions are stored. To know the type of address for your assets, check the deposit address where you received the merged inscription and identify the type of your address by matching the starting letters.

Wallet Types Address starts with
Native Segwit bc1q
Nested Segwit 3
Taproot bc1p
Legacy 1

When you know the merged inscription, open that inscription under the All tab.

Otherwise click on each inscription one by one under the All tab. Next click Send.

UniSat may now prevent you from sending a inscription and ask you to split the inscription first.

Once you have identified the merged inscription, make a note of the number of sats (value) associated with it.

Now, go back to this point and note the inscription number of the mixed inscription.

Step 3: Import your Main Wallet to Sparrow Wallet Now

Now download the Sparrow wallet from here.

Open the downloaded file and install Sparrow Wallet on your device. Then, open it. Navigate to File and click New Wallet.

Enter the name of your wallet and click Create Wallet.

Choose the type of address where your merged inscriptions are stored. To know the type of address of your wallet, check the deposit address where you received the merged inscription and identify the address type by matching the starting letters:

Wallet Types Address starts with
Native Segwit bc1q
Nested Segwit 3
Taproot bc1p
Legacy 1

Now, select the wallet you're about to import Sparrow wallet.

Choose the wallet import method.

Let's say we choose the 12 words Mnemonic (BIP39) method. Enter the seed phrase and click Create Keystore.

You can either choose a custom derivation path or leave it as the default. Once you have made your selection, click Import Keystore.

Click Apply.

Create your password.

Sparrow wallet will take a while to load your data. Navigate to UTXOs tab and fine the UTXO which has same amount of sats (value) on sparrow wallet as your merged inscription has on UniSat wallet.

Hover your mouse over the output of that UTXO. The Send button will appear. Click on it to send the UTXO to the Ordswap wallet address.

When you have more than one merged inscriptions, you can send them to your Ordswap wallet one by one.

Step 4: Split Inscriptions

Once you have obtained the merged inscriptions in your Ordswap wallet, you will need to pay network fees to split them.

To do this, send a small amount of Bitcoin (around $5) to your Ordswap deposit address. Once the Bitcoin has been received, you can click on the Split button to split the inscriptions.

Once you have paid the network fee, your inscriptions will be split from the UTXO in which they were merged.

Step 5: Import Ordswap Wallet to UniSat Wallet

Import your Ordswap wallet to your UniSat wallet. Follow the tutorial below 👇

When you've imported the Ordswap wallet to UniSat wallet, you can see the all inscriptions under the All tab. You can now sell or transfer your inscriptions.

Sometimes your Bitcoins are stuck in an inscription, you can release them. Check out the answer in the tutorial below 👇

You May Need to Split Multiple Times In First & Second Method

When you have more than two inscriptions merged together, they may not be split in one action. You may need to click the split button more then one time and pay network fee each time, depending on the size of the inscriptions.

Manual Method

Sometimes, when you import your assets in the Ordswap wallet, you may be prompted to contact customer support to unmerge inscriptions. This is because some transactions must be constructed manually.

To open the ticket with customer support, just join their discord. Navigate to support-tickets channel.

Select All other issues.

Now, your support ticket will open and you'll get your ticket number.

Scroll down to the Ordswap discord channels and click on your support ticket.

Now, share your wallet address and the issue you are facing. A representative will contact you shortly.

Final Reflections

Splitting ordinals used to be a complex and time-consuming process, but the Ordswap feature has made it little bit easier. However, there is a cost associated with splitting ordinals, as it requires you to pay network fees. As the Ordinals ecosystem continues to evolve, it is likely that we will see more user-friendly methods emerging to efficiently split merged inscriptions across various wallets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Ordswap?

Ordswap is a platform that enables you to create BRC-20 tokens, .sats domain names, and Ordinals NFTs. Additionally, you can trade .sats domains and Ordinals NFTs on their marketplace. The platform also offers its own dedicated Ordinals wallet.

2. Is this method useful for both NFTs and BRC-20 inscriptions?

Yes, you can use the same method for NFTs and BRC-20 tokens inscriptions.

3. Where to get support from Ordswap team?

You can find support from the community and the customer support team on thier official Discord.

4. Can I only transfer Bitcoin and inscriptions from Ordswap wallet to a taproot address of a Bitcoin wallet?

Yes, you can only send assets from Ordswap to a taproot address of a Bitcoin wallet. However, you can receive assets from any Bitcoin wallet address to Ordswap wallet.

5. Can I use the first method after transferring my assets to a taproot address?

Yes, you can employ the first method since your assets are now located on a taproot address, which can be imported and used in the Ordswap wallet.

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