How to Split Extra Bitcoins from BRC-20 Tokens Inscriptions?

Get your stucked Bitcoins back from the BRC-20 tokens inscriptions.

How to Split Extra Bitcoins from BRC-20 Tokens Inscriptions?


I have only 31,000 $ORE BRC-20 tokens in my wallet, my Bitcoins are stuck in the inscription of $ORE tokens. How do I get my Bitcoins out of the inscription?


Here's how to split extra Bitcoins from BRC-20 tokens inscriptions:

Step 1: Import your wallet to UniSat wallet. When your assets are already in the UniSat wallet, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Open your UniSat wallet, navigate to the All tab, and click on the inscription box of your BRC-20 token.

Step 3: Click Send.

Step 4: Click Custom.

Step 5: Enter the sats below 499. When UniSat requires the output value to be certain amount, then enter that amount (like 546) ,otherwise keep it at 499. So, in this case, now enter 546 in custom output value field.

Step 6: Now, enter your own wallet address of that UniSat wallet in the Recipient field. Select the network fee, click Next, and send the BRC-20 token inscription back to your wallet.

This will free your Bitcoins, and your safe to send Bitcoin balance in UniSat wallet will have increased. You can repeat the same process for all BRC-20 token inscriptions that have an output value more than 546 sats.

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