How to Send Ordinals With Low SATs from Sparrow Wallet?

Don't loose ordinals in network fees.

How to Send Ordinals With Low SATs from Sparrow Wallet?


Hello, I am trying to send an ordinal with a very low amount of SATS 794 from sparrow to xverse. I added BTC to a second wallet (12,000).

How do I go about the rest of the transfer making sure the fee comes from the non-ordinal address? I can't tell where the fees are coming from.


Please follow these steps:

  • In the UTXOs tab select the inscription and a big enough non inscription. Hold the control key as you click to select multiple UTXOs.
  • Click send selected.
  • Get 2 receiving addresses. The first will be used to receive the inscription and the 2nd will be used to receive the change.
  • Click + Add to get 2 receiving tabs. The × is a close button. Put the 2 addresses in the 2 Pay to fields, put amount 10000 sats on first field and click Max for the other. The 10k amount is the size that the inscription will have after it has been sent. You can use any size as long as it is at least 330 sats but 10k is very safe number.
  • Put labels on both fields.
  • Set the network fee rate.
  • Click Efficiency in the bottom left until the inscription input is first in the diagram.
  • Click Create Transaction. It will create a new tab for the transaction.
  • When the 10k output isn't first in the diagram, go back to the wallet tab and click Create Transaction again.
  • Repeat until the 10k output is first.
  • Click Finalize Teansaction for Signing.
  • Click Sign.
  • Click Broadcast Transaction.

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