How to Sell BRC-20 Tokens on UniSat Marketplace?

Want to turn your BRC-20 tokens into Bitcoin? UniSat makes it easy.

How to Sell BRC-20 Tokens on UniSat Marketplace?
sell brc-20 tokens on unisat

BRC-20 tokens are a type of Bitcoin token that are fungible, like Ethereum ERC-20 tokens. However, BRC-20 tokens are created using the Ordinals protocol, which allows you to mark individual satoshis with data. This data can represents digital assets like BRC-20 tokens and Ordinals NFTs that can be transferred on the Bitcoin blockchain.

BRC-20 tokens are a new type of cryptocurrency on Bitcoin blockchain that is quickly gaining popularity.

Do you have BRC-20 tokens that you want to sell? It is easy and free to sell them on the UniSat marketplace. Here's a quick guide on how to do it

Sell BRC-20 Tokens on UniSat

Step 1: Create UniSat Wallet

To get started, you need to create a UniSat wallet. Check out our detailed tutorial on how to create UniSat wallet.

Once you have created a wallet, you can store your BRC-20 tokens and access the UniSat marketplace. You can also import your existing ordinals aware wallet, which holds BRC-20 tokens, to UniSat wallet.

Step 2: Connect your UniSat Wallet

Once you have created a UniSat wallet, visit UniSat marketplace. To do this, simply click on the Connect button on the UniSat website.

Now, you will be prompted to enter your wallet password.

Once you have entered your password, click Unlock. Your wallet will be connected to the marketplace.

Step 3: List Your BRC-20 Tokens for Sale

Once your wallet is connected to the UniSat marketplace, you can list your BRC-20 tokens for sale. Before you list them for sale, you need to inscribe the transfer of your BRC-20 tokens. Check the tutorial below.

To do this, click on the My Inscriptions drop-down menu.

To list a BRC-20 token for sale, select the token you want to list and click on the List button next to it.

Remember, you can only list tokens that are in your transferable balance. Check out our detailed tutorial on how to make BRC-20 tokens transferable.

Choose the inscription that you want to sell. Each inscription contains a certain number of BRC-20 tokens, and you can only sell them in batches.

To learn more about why you can't sell BRC-20 tokens separately, see our tutorial.

Click List.

Enter the price per token in satoshis, use this calculator: Sats ⇌ USD ⇌ BTC.

Click List for Sale.

Click Sign.

Your BRC-20 tokens are now listed for sale on the UniSat marketplace at no cost.

Final Reflections

Selling BRC-20 tokens on the UniSat marketplace is a quick and easy way to make money from your digital assets. This guide showed you how to list your tokens for sale on UniSat marketplace and generate revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is UniSat marketplace?

UniSat is a recently introduced platform that enables you to creating and minting BRC-20 tokens and Ordinals NFTs. UniSat has its own marketplace as well, where you can buy and sell BRC-20 tokens.

2. Who created UniSat?

The team behind UniSat is not public, but we know that MetaMask helped them to develop the UniSat wallet.

3. Where to get support from UniSat platform?

You can join the UniSat Discord server to get help from the community and team. This is the official guide to UniSat.

Have questions about decentralized technology? Ask our Discord community.