How to Select Gas Fee on zkSync Era Mainnet?

Learn how to choose the best gas fee for your transaction on the zkSync Era mainnet.

How to Select Gas Fee on zkSync Era Mainnet?


As a new user of the zkSync Era mainnet ecosystem, I am wondering which tool I can use to find out the current gas fee that is being accepted by the validators.


You can use the zk Gas tracker tool to see the current gas fees being accepted by validators on the zkSync Era mainnet.

The tool shows the low, average, and high gas fees, so you can choose the best fee for your transaction.

The zk Gas tracker tool shows the gas fee in USD, but you will need to pay the equivalent amount in ETH.

You can use the ETH to USD conversion tool on the CoinMarketCap Ethereum page to find the current exchange rate.

This tool also shows you the recent gas fees that were accepted by the validators.

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