How to Select Gas Fee on Ethereum Chain?

Avoid from pending transactions on eth blockchain.

How to Select Gas Fee on Ethereum Chain?


I am concerned about my transaction getting stuck on the Ethereum blockchain.

Can you please explain how to select the gas fee on the Ethereum blockchain so that my transaction don't get stuck and process quickly?


Here's how you can select the gas fee for your transaction on the Ethereum blockchain:

Step 1: Open Ether scan website. You will see the current gas fee that is being accepted by validators.

Step 2: Convert the displayed fee (in USD) to ETH. Visit CMC Ethereum page.

Step 3: Scroll down, enter the displayed USD amount, and you'll see the equivalent ETH.

Step 4: Now, you know how much you should pay for the gas fee in your transaction (i.e., 0.00027 ETH).

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