How to Move ETH from Ethereum to Base?

Swap ETH from ethereum network to base mainnet in 2 min.

How to Move ETH from Ethereum to Base?

Shots Question:

What is the best bridge to transfer ETH from Ethereum network to Base mainnet with great speed and security?

Shots Answer:

Here's how to bridge ETH to Base mainnet:

  • Click Connect and connect your wallet with Across bridge.
  • Enter the amount of ETH which you want to transfer from Ethereum network to Base mainnet.
  • Choose the network (Ethereum) you're sending ETH from.
  • Choose the network (Base) you want to receive ETH on.
  • To receive ETH on a different address than the one connected to your wallet, click Change account and enter the desired address.
Most wallets (MetaMask) use the same deposit address for all Ethereum L2 blockchains. So, if your wallet allows you can receive ETH on Base mainnet (L2) using the connected wallet.
  • Review the fees and amount you'll receive. You may pay bridge fee 0.01% and gas fee to receive ETH on Base mainnet.
  • Confirm transaction.
  • Confirm transaction in your wallet now.
You may also want to join Across discord for official support.
  • You should receive ETH on Base mainnet in your wallet within 1-2 minutes after your transaction is confirmed.

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