How to Manage CBRC-20 on Unisat Wallet?

Receive, send and sell cbrc-20 tokens from unisat wallet.

How to Manage CBRC-20 on Unisat Wallet?
manage cbrc-20 tokens in unisat wallet

Shots Question:

I see that no dedicated wallet has been launched for CBRC-20 tokens yet, but people are still trading and transferring them using their Unisat wallets. How is this possible?

Shots Answer:

It's possible because CBRC-20 tokens are received through inscriptions, while the inscription itself is no longer useful after it has received to you, the underlying tokens remain within your Unisat wallet and are not affected by any other transactions.

This ensures your CBRC-20 tokens cannot be accidentally lost through other activities in your unisat wallet.

If you want to transfer or list your cbrc-20 tokens you need to inscribe the transfer of tokens using transfer function of cy[BORD] crafter.

cy[BORD] crafter

Now after cbrc-20 tokens are transferable, you can either list your transfer inscription on cbrc-20 marketplaces or send it using xmail function cy[BORD] crafter.

Even if your CBRC-20 tokens are transferable, they cannot be lost through any other transaction in your Unisat wallet, regardless of whether you list them for sale or transfer them using Cy[BORD] Crafter.

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