How to Make BRC-20 Tokens Transferable in UniSat Wallet?

Want to transfer your minted BRC-20 tokens from your UniSat wallet? Enable transfer functionality with these simple steps.

How to Make BRC-20 Tokens Transferable in UniSat Wallet?
make brc-20 tokens transferable

You have BRC-20 tokens and are attempting to transfer them from your UniSat wallet to another BRC-20 supported wallet. However, this is not working because you have not yet made your BRC-20 tokens transferable. Once you have done transfer inscription, you will be able to transfer your BRC-20 tokens from your UniSat wallet.

Here's how to enable transfer functionality of your BRC-20 tokens.

Make BRC-20 Tokens Transferable

Step 1: To make a BRC-20 token transferable, open your UniSat wallet, go to the BRC-20 tab, and click on the token box for the token you want to make transferable.

Step 2: You will see a box for the token you have minted. The ticker symbol (THUD) will help you identify the token, and the number (1) will show you how many tokens you own.

Step 3: Click Transfer.

Step 4: To enable the transfer of your tokens, you need to inscribe the transfer. To do this, click on Inscribe Transfer.

Step 5: Decide how many tokens you want to make transferable, choose a network fee, and click Next.

Since we currently only have 1 THUD token, we will only enable the transfer of 1 THUD token.

When you do enable 100 tokens in one transfer inscription, these 100 tokens will be bundled together. You cannot sell them separately on UniSat or Ordinals marketplaces, nor transfer them out of your UniSat wallet separately.

When you want to transfer fewer tokens in each bundle, you can create multiple transfers with varying quantities.

Step 6: Click Pay & Inscribe.

Step 7: Your tokens are now able to be moved from your UniSat wallet to any other wallet that supports BRC-20 tokens.

Congratulations! you have leanred how to make BRC-20 tokens transferable in your UniSat wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is behind Ordinals Protocol?

Casey is the founder of Ordinals protocol. We were unable to find any additional information about the team. This the github and official website of the Ordinals.

2. Who introduced the concept of BRC-20 tokens?

Domo introduced the concept of BRC-2o tokens, first time on twitter. Here is the official website of Domo where he shares the developments on his projects.

3. Where to get support from UniSat platform?

You can join the UniSat Discord server to get help from the community and team. This is the official guide to UniSat.

Have questions about decentralized technology? Ask our Discord community.