How to Launch Collection of Bitcoin NFT Ordinals on Luminex?

Launch your Ordinals collection this way.

How to Launch Collection of Bitcoin NFT Ordinals on Luminex?
launch bitcoin nft ordinals

Bitcoin NFTs, are a type of digital asset that is stored on the Bitcoin blockchain. They are unique and cannot be replaced by another token. Bitcoin NFTs can represent anything digital, such as art, music, videos or games.

Anyone can create Bitcoin NFTs, which are also known as Bitcoin Ordinals. Once you've minted a collection of Bitcoin Ordinals, you can launch them on the Luminex marketplace.

Luanch Bitcoin NFT Ordinals

Step 1: Creat Bitcoin NFTs

To create a collection of Bitcoin NFTs, you can follow this tutorial 👇.

Step 2: Fill the Luminex Launch Form

Visit Luminex homepage. Click Submit Collection.

You will now be taken to a Google form.

Enter the name of your collection.

Provide a professional description of your Bitcoin NFT project. This will be displayed on your collection page, so take the time to craft a well-written and informative description.

You can optionally enter the project website, Discord, and Twitter URLs. Providing these links will increase the trustworthiness of your project by giving users a way to learn more about it and interact with you and your community.

Step 3: Get Inscription IDs

Keep the Google form open for now. To get the inscription IDs of your NFTs, open your UniSat wallet and go to the All tab. Click on your NFT and copy its inscription ID. Repeat this process for each NFT.

Step 4: Prepare the Inscriptions List

Open a text editor and create a new document. In the document, enter the inscription IDs and names of all your Bitcoin NFTs, one inscription ID and name per line. The format should be plain text.

Inscription IDs,Names of NFT 

For example,

When you do not want to give names to your NFTs, simply write the inscription IDs on separate lines. Do not include a comma (,) and a name after each inscription ID.

Once you have your list of inscription IDs, simply copy and paste it into the Google Form of Luminex.

Click Submit.

Step 5: Open Support Ticket With Luminex

Join Luminex discord.

Complete the CAPTCHA to prove you are human.

Navigate to mint-support channel.

Click Create ticket.

Enter the name of your collection and click Submit.

Now, you've opened your support ticket with Luminex, Open it.

Ask for an update on the project.

Step 6: Sell your Bitcoin NFTs

Luminex will list your collection on the platform. When you opened a ticket with them to inquire about the process of listing your collection, they will notify you once it has been listed.

Jump onto your Ordinals collection page on Luminex like Planetary Ordinals.

To sell or transfer your Bitcoin Ordinals, first make sure that you are connected to the Luminex marketplace using the wallet that owns the collection. You can then sell or transfer your each Ordinal separately as you wish.

Final Reflections

The Bitcoin NFT market is still in its early stages, but it has already seen significant growth. As the Bitcoin NFT market continues to grow, we can expect to see even more innovative and creative uses for this technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I import my another wallet to UniSat using private key?

Yes, you can import your Bitcoin wallet to UniSat wallet using its private key through this method.

2. What do you mean by games on Bitcoin NFTs?

In general, you can create Bitcoin NFTs of any file (including .html), including games. For example, this inscription is a game that can be played on the Inscriptions Explorer platform.

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