How to Know which BRC-20 Token is Being Heavily Minted?

Track the popular brc-20 mint in real time.

How to Know which BRC-20 Token is Being Heavily Minted?

Shots Question:

I often notice on mempool that Bitcoin network fees spike dramatically in short bursts. People then speculate that degens are minting BRC-20s.

Is there a way to identify which specific BRC-20 token is being heavily minted by degens during these fee spikes?

Shots Answer:

Yes. Its possible to know which BRC-20 token is being minted at that time on blockchain. Here's how to do this:

  • Scroll down and you'll see the colored blocks (either light orange or bright orange).
All blocks represent transactions awaiting confirmation in the upcoming block. Orange blocks specifically represent transactions that include inscriptions.
  • Place your cursor on any orange block. It will show you the inscription that the transaction contains.
  • Tick (e.g., etch) represents the ticker of the BRC-20 token currently being minted. Here, you can search for the ticker and view the minting progress.
  • When you check multiple orange blocks, you'll able to know the popular BRC-20 token which is being minted heavily.

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