Decentralized Usernames: How to Inscribe Handle on Bitcoin Blockchain?

Inscribe unique username handles on bitcoin.

Decentralized Usernames: How to Inscribe Handle on Bitcoin Blockchain?

Inscribed Handles are unique names that are permanently inscribed onto the Bitcoin blockchain. They are similar to usernames on social media platforms, but they are owned by the individual and not by a company.

This means that you have complete control over your handle and they may use as utility in bitcoin ecosystem. Here's how to inscribe your own handle.

Inscribe Handle on Bitcoin

  • Enter your taproot receiving address where you want to receive your handle inscription. Unisat is a popular inscriptions wallet.
  • Select Handles here.
  • Enter the handles that you want to inscribe, in this way. You can inscribe more than one handle in one transaction.
  • Click Clear Unavailable. If these handles have already been inscribed, they will be removed from the list. Otherwise, it will confirm that All handles available.
  • Now, you can select the network fee at which you want to inscribe the handle.
  • Keep all of these options as they are. Just write 3,ooo as the developer fee. It is mandatory.
  • Click Inscribe.
  • Now, you will receive the BTC address where you need to send the bitcoin amount given there. After that, follow the on-screen steps, and your handle will have arrived in your wallet.

Final Reflections

The value of handles in the Bitcoin ordinals ecosystem is uncertain. It will depend on how the ecosystem grows and how people use handles. Handles are text inscriptions that start with the @ symbol and have a word or sentence after it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who introduce the concept of inscribed handles?

This person introduce the concept of inscribed handles within Bitcoin ordinals ecosystem which got quick traction from community.

2. What is Bitcoin inscription?

Anyone can upload almost any kind of data on the Bitcoin blockchain which could be Bitcoin NFT (Ordinal), BRC-20 token, domain name or handle.

3. Where to get support from Handle community?

You can join the Inscribed Handle Discord community and get support from the community or developer there.

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