How to Inscribe Bitmap of New Block?

Get real bitmaps for little to no cost.

How to Inscribe Bitmap of New Block?

Shots Question:

I am aware that it is possible to acquire a newly created Bitcoin block bitmap for $1.

However, I am unsure how to inscribe the bitmap. Could you please instruct me on how to do so?

Shots Answer:

Here's how to inscribe bitmap of newly created blocks:

  • Go to the mempool and check which block is going to be produced next.
  • The next block will be 805135, as 805134 was just produced.
  • Now, go to UniSat website.
  • You need to have a UniSat, Xverse, Hiro, or OKX wallet in order to inscribe a bitmap on UniSat.
  • Connect your wallet with UniSat website.
  • Now, click the Inscribe button, which is located at the top center of the page.
  • Click Text.
  • Enter the 805135.bitmap in the text area and click Next.
  • Double check your inscription and click Next.
  • Select a network fee that is high enough to ensure that your bitmap transaction is confirmed in the 805135 block. If more people are inscribing the same bitmap, your transaction should confirm earlier to get valid bitmap, which is possible with a higher network fee than other bitmap transactions.
If a bitmap is inscribed first, then no one else can inscribe the same bitmap. Any subsequent inscriptions of the same bitmap will be considered invalid or fake.
  • Now, click the Submit & Pay Invoice button.
  • You can pay with your connected wallet. Then, wait for block 805135 to be produced, where your bitmap transaction will be confirmed. If your transaction confirms earlier than other bitmap transactions which are competing with you, then you will receive a valid bitmap in your wallet.

What are Basic Rules of Bitmap Inscriptions?

  1. You cannot inscribe a bitmap for block 805140 in block 805139 or in any previous block.
  2. Once a bitmap is inscribed, no one else can inscribe the same bitmap.

TIP For Bitmap Beginners

Send your bitmap transaction as soon as a new block comes into production. For example, if you want to inscribe the bitmap for block 805135, send your transaction as soon as block 805134 is produced and block 805135 comes into production. Transactions that are sent earlier and have higher fees are more likely to be confirmed first in a block.

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