How to Inscribe Bitcoin Ordinals on Specific SATs?

Inscribe the collection on rare sats.

How to Inscribe Bitcoin Ordinals on Specific SATs?

Shots Question:

As an artist, I want to create a Bitcoin NFT collection. I would like to inscribe my NFTs on rare sats. How can I achieve this?

Shots Answer:

Here's how to inscribe on specific sats:

  • Upload the NFT collection.
On OrdinalsBot, you can mint up to 10,000 NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain in a single transaction. The maximum file size allowed for each file is 300 KB.
  • If you want to reduce the image size by compromising the image quality, keep the yellow mark checked. Otherwise, uncheck it.
  • Now, select the satoshi type on which you want to inscribe the ordinal. If you choose anything other than random, it will cost you a fee, because OrdinalsBot provides such types of satoshis from their inventory.
Every type of satoshi other than random has its own fee. Uncommon satoshis are much more expensive.
  • Enter your Bitcoin wallet address where you want to receive the collection after minting.
  • Select the network fee.
  • Check the Use low postage option if you are receiving the collection on an Ordinals-aware wallet, and review the fees.
  • Click Submit and Pay Invoice.
  • OrdinalsBot will provide you with the Bitcoin and Lightning addresses to pay the fees. You can pay on BTC chain or on lightning network.
  • Now, you should receive the minted Ordinals in your provided receiving wallet address. However, transactions may take some time to confirm on the blockchain.
  • Copy the order ID. You will need it to provide customer support of OrdinalsBot if you encounters any problems. You can get customer support from OrdinalsBot discord.

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