How to Identify Real and Duplicate Domains on Bitcoin?

Real domain names will have a blue check mark next to them.

How to Identify Real and Duplicate Domains on Bitcoin?


I want to actively involve myself in the buying and sellling of domains on bitcoin. I know that anyone can mint countless copies of domain names, so I want to make sure that I do not buy duplicate .sats domains. How can I ensure this?


While it is possible to create multiple copies of domain names on the Bitcoin blockchain, only the first minted domain will be considered the legitimate one across all platforms.

Here is the way to differentiate between real and duplicate domain names on the Bitcoin:

Step 1: Whenever you come across a domain name, you will find its specific inscription number. Copy that number.

Step 2: Go to BestInSlots homepage.

Step 3: Enter the inscription number in the search bar and click on the result.

Step 4: When domain name you are reviewing is a duplicate, you will see the following warning.

Step 5: When reviewing a real domain name, you will see a blue check mark in front of it.

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