How to Create Events and Upload Videos on

would you love to see NFT-based communities creating events and sharing revenue? is right place for you.

How to Create Events and Upload Videos on

Are you looking for a crypto-powered platform that allows you to monetize your content and connect with your audience in a more engaging way? Look no further than! This platform allows you to create your own decentralized video application, with a specific focus on digital NFT gated events.

Beems also has its own video application to showcase what their platform offers. This is designed specifically for creators like you who wants to create token gating live interactive events, upload videos and earn fees from other people who use your content. is a web3 company.

In this guide, we will explore the Beem video application, which is widely used by its community members.

Create Events and Upload Videos on

Open homepage and click Join community hub.

Click Sign in. homepage

Click Sign in with web3 wallet. login page

MetaMask and Coinbase are both popular web3 wallets. Click Connect to MetaMask. metamask login

It will trigger your MetaMask wallet extension. Click Next.

Connecting with metamask

Allow to see address, account balance, activity and suggest transactions to approve. This is safe to do, just click Connect.

Connect with metamask will ask for signature request, click Sign.

Your web3 wallet MetaMask has connected and you've crated account .

Signed in

Add Wallet Address for Payments

Navigate to profile icon and click Settings. settings

You can add basic info about you here, i.e., profile picture, contact email for newsletters and notifications. basic info

Click Payments, add your Ethereum deposit address and hit save. payments

Create an Event on

Drop down Create and tap Create an event. create an event

Select Advanced settings. events advance settings 

Give Title to your event. Select Date>Starting time>Event duration. You can make your event public or keep it private. You can also make available replay of your event.

Pay Per View gives you the opportunity to gain income in three distinctive ways. First and foremost, you have the choice of charging a Pay Per View fee for viewers attending your event.

At, you have the freedom to set your own prices ranging from $0.99 to $28.99. Beem will charge its own 15% fee on revenue. You will receive this money on your web3 wallet address, you can also connect your stripe account. Click Save.

Token Gating

Are you looking to limit access to your event exclusively for particular token holders? You can do just that! Choose the chain of Ethereum, Polygon or Binance Smart Chain and then select specific token - it could be one of your own token. Then fill in the next two fields with how much they need to hold as well as where they can purchase them. Next click Save.

beem token gating


You can also give access to your community by making and distributing vouchers amoung them. Select Quantity, Code and hit Save.

beem voucher

Add Info About Event

Its time to add info about your event. Start by selecting a language, then enter in details such as presenters name, email or wallet address. Craft an engaging description detailing what attendees can expect and provide agenda items along with corresponding timelines. You also have the option of accepting tips or donations for your event. When finished, click Save to complete the set-up process!

Beem Event Image

Add Background image and Widget image of your event.

Beem Event Video

You now have the option to embed a live stream, host an event without video, or upload a video and Save settings.

Congratulations! on creating an event! is flourishing as it continues to expand and construct itself, so expect more features in the future or alternatively a reduction of less utilized ones.

How to Upload Video on Platform

Click Create button on top left corner and click Upload a video.

beem upload video

Ready to get your video out there? Upload it on Beem's private storage, or capitalize on decentralized networks like IPFS and Arweave. Give title to your video and add its description.

Now upload cover and backdrop images.

You've got various options for generating revenue: renting or selling out to other people, setting up token-gated access, even managing a voucher system like an event!

Click Submit request. You can outreach to team on their discord to follow up with team on your request.

Final Reflections is a new platform in the web3 industry, providing cool features that could revolutionize digital events.  It allows you to manage your events, monetize them. With Beem's help, you can start earning money from your digital events in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can't remember my seed phrase, what to do?

Then you need to sign up with your email instead of web3 wallet, Beem offers to sign in with email, google, apple id and facebook.

2. What devices are supported by

Beem works with all popular desktop browsers. For the most enjoyable experience, Beem is best on Chrome desktop browsers. Additionally, you can join with their Android and iOS apps (Beem cowatch).

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