How to Create and Use UniSat Wallet?

Do you want to buy NFTs on ordinals? Then you need UniSat wallet.

How to Create and Use UniSat Wallet?
create and use unisat wallet

Are you looking to create or mint BRC-20 tokens on the Ordinals protocol and in need of a suitable wallet? Don't worry, because you can accomplish all of this with the UniSat wallet.

The UniSat wallet is currently only available as a Chrome extension. It allows you to buy, sell, store, and manage BRC-20 tokens. Here's a guide on how to create and use the UniSat wallet.

What is UniSat?

UniSat is a decentralized application that allows you to create a Bitcoin wallet which can be used to interact with the Ordinals protocol. It also has its marketplace for NFTs and BRC-20 tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Create UniSat Wallet

Step 1: Visit UniSat wallet homepage.

Step 2: Click Download from Chrome Store.

Step 3: You'll be redirected to UniSat chrome extension. Click Add to Chrome.

Step 4: Click Add extension.

Step 5: In no time, the UniSat Chrome extension will be added to your Chrome browser.

Step 6: Click Create new wallet.

Step 7: Enter your password, confirm it and click Continue.

Step 8: Copy your seed phrase, check the box, and click Continue.

Step 9: Choose the type of Bitcoin wallet address you want to use on UniSat wallet and click Continue.

UniSat offers four types of Bitcoin deposit addresses, and you can choose any address to use. It's important to note that the same address will be utilized to create spend these deposited Bitcoins.

Some exchanges or wallets may not support all address types and may indicate that the address is incorrect. In such cases, it is recommended to use the Native Segwit address of you UniSat wallet.
Wallet Types Address starts with
Native Segwit bc1q
Nested Segwit 3
Taproot bc1p
Legacy 1

Step 10: Now, you have your own UniSat wallet which can use to deploy and mint BRC-20 tokens.

Use of UniSat Wallet

UniSat Settings

Click on Settings page.

On the settings page, you can do the following:

  • Change the address type of your UniSat wallet, as in step 8, you opted for one type of Bitcoin address. However, it is possible to switch between these addresses at any time.
  • Check the decentralized applications your wallet is connected with.
  • Switch between Bitcoin mainnet and testnet.
  • Change the password of your UniSat wallet.

DApps on Ordinals Protocol

Click on this box sign.

Here, you can see all DApps compatible with Ordinals protocol.

Recent NFT Minting

Click on Navigation sign.

You'll be able to see the all recent minting of NFTs on Bitcoin blockchain.

Congratulations! You have learned how to create and use the UniSat wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is behind Ordinals Protocol?

Casey is the founder of Ordinals protocol. We were unable to find any additional information about the team. This the github and official website of the Ordinals.

2. Who introduced the concept of BRC-20 tokens?

Domo introduced the concept of BRC-20 tokens, first time on twitter. Here is the official website of Domo where he shares the developments on his projects.

3. What are BRC-20 tokens?

BRC-20 tokens are similar kind of tokens like ERC-20 and BEP-20, but BRC-2o tokens doesn't have smart contracts functionality and these tokens uses Bitcoin blockchain network.

4. Who to get support from UniSat team?

You can interact with UniSat wallet and community on their discord. This is the official guide to UniSat.

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