How to Create Account on

Create account on post tech and enjoy decentralized social media

How to Create Account on is a decentralized social network similar to Twitter. You can create accounts, post, like, retweet, and share content. One unique feature of is that you can buy tokens of your favorite creators and trade them as you want.

These tokens are shares of creators, which allow you to do private chats with them and show your exclusive appreciation for them.

Create Post Tech Account

  • Visit homepage. Click continue with X (formerly knonwn as twitter).
  • Authorize access to your X account.
  • Enter a referral code, which you can get from an existing user. If you don't know anyone on, you can request a referral code from the HUD Discord community.
  • You need to deposit at least $0.5 of ETH to your Arbitrum deposit address in order to enable trading on your own tokens. If you want to trade other users' tokens, you will need to deposit more ETH accordingly. However, you can skip this step if you don't want to trade tokens.
You'll get your own wallet created by a third party, which is considered safe. However, it's best to avoid using it for activities outside of
  • Click Get Started.

Your account on has created and you're goot use it.

Final Reflections is one of many decentralized social networks. It is a good thing in the crypto world that has published audits of its smart contracts. This means that has had its code reviewed by independent security experts to identify and fix any potential vulnerabilities. On, creators can create more tight-knit and exclusive communities by allowing their fans to invest in them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who's behind

We don't know the founders of but you may want to know the developers of Beanz and Robert.

2. How to reach post tech support team?

You can contact post tech support through their Discord server.

3. Do post tech have its own token?

yes, they have their own token which will launch around 20th Nov 23.

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