How to Buy Bitmap on Magic Eden?

Here's how to get land in bitcoin metaverse.

How to Buy Bitmap on Magic Eden?

Shots Question:

Hi, I am new to the bitmap community and don't know where to buy them or how to do it. Can you please guide me?

Shots Answer:

Yes, here's how to buy bitmap from Magic Eden Ordinals marketplace.

  • Search for Bitmap collection in the search bar and click on the result.
  • Scroll down the bitmap collection page until you find the bitmap you need.
  • You can also use search filters to find the desired bitmap on Magic Eden Ordinals marketplace.
  • Each listing shows block number of bitmap, its inscription number and price in BTC.
  • If you have selected which bitmap you want to get click Buy Now. Now click connect wallet.
  • After you connect your wallet, they'll ask you to verify ownership. Just click Sign In and next click Sign in your connected wallet.
  • Click Buy Now again and select the network fee you want to pay for the transaction.
Bitmaps sometimes show up as block number.bitmap in your wallet. This is not a sign of loss.
  • Magic Eden will now ask you to confirm the transaction in your wallet. The transaction will be broadcast to the mempool, and after 1 confirmation, your Bitmap should arrive in your wallet.

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