How to Avoid Minting Duplicate .SATS Domain on Bitcoin?

Avoid minting duplicate domain on bitcoin.

How to Avoid Minting Duplicate .SATS Domain on Bitcoin?


I have heard that some people mint .sats domain names on Bitcoin, only to find out later that the specific domain name already exists.

This is because the first person to mint a domain name is the only one who owns it and it is considered the real domain name, others are all duplicates.

How can I avoid minting a duplicate domain name on Bitcoin?


Yes, it is true that anyone can mint domain names on Bitcoin as many times as they want. However, only the first minted domain name is considered the real domain name.

All other minted domain names are simply text inscriptions and do not have any real value. Therefore, it is important to check either a domain name has already been minted before minting it yourself:

  • Make sure you're on .sats tab. Enter the domain name. Click 🔍.
  • When a domain name is already minted, the domain box will appear green. This means that the domain name is already owned by someone else and you shouldn't mint it again.

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