How to add Step Network to MetaMask Wallet?

Do you want to reflect painstakingly earned KCAL tokens from Step App in your MetaMask wallet? Here's how to add the Step network to MetaMask

How to add Step Network to MetaMask Wallet?

Are you interested in adding the Step Network to MetaMask wallet after earning tokens by running or trading sneaks? The process is simple and straightforward.

Step App is building a gamified metaverse all about fitness! Imagine being able to walk, jog, and run your way to rewards while connecting with other fitness enthusiasts. And guess what? You can even add the Step Network to your MetaMask wallet. Don't worry if you're not sure how - we'll guide you through the steps!

Add Step Network to MetaMask Wallet

Step 1: Open MetaMask Network Settings

Open the MetaMask wallet. Drop down current network in top center of wallet.

metamask frontend

Hit Add Network on drop down menu. It will open MetaMask netowrk settings page in new tab.

metamask networks switch

Step 2: Add Step Network

There is list of popular networks to add in MetaMask with just one click, but Step Network isn't available there yet. You will need to add it manually which is easy to do. Click Add a network manually.

metamask networks

You'll be directed to a specific page to input Step Network details. Fill out the required fields with the given information and Save the changes.

Network Name: Step Network

New RPC URL (Choose one of the following):

  • https//

ChainID: 1234

Symbol: FITFI

Block Explorer URL:

These Step mainnet parameters are visible on their official website here.
metamask step network

You've switched to Step Network.

metamask on step network

Step 4: Deposit KCAL Tokens

Navigate to Assets>import tokens and add following contract address:


MetaMask will automatically fetch all other details and now click Add custom token>import tokens.

Its time to deposit some KCAL tokens (or any other Step Network token) into your MetaMask account. Just click on the deposit address of your MetaMask wallet and send your tokens to that address. Once you hit send, your tokens will appear in your MetaMask wallet.

Congratulations! You've added Step Network in your MetaMask successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Step App?

Step App is a mobile app that gamifies physical activity to make exercise more fun. By simply walking, jogging, or running, your phone's sensors will track your progress and reward you with KCAL tokens. These tokens can be traded for stablecoins or used to unlock and upgrade in-game features.

2. What is difference between KCAL and FITFI tokens?

FITFI is the governance token that earns rewards from the network fees. Meanwhile, KCAL is the in-game token that's needed to create and upkeep Step App features, like those cool non-fungible tokens called SNEAKs.

3. Where to get help for Step app?

To get help with any issues you may be experiencing, join the Step App Discord community. You can chat with other members to troubleshoot common problems or speak with team members directly for more complex issues. They also have a dedicated page for solving common issues.

4. Who is founder of Step app?

Kirill Volgin is the person behind the creation of Step App. The HUD team was only able to find Kirill Volgin on Twitter.

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