How Create Account on Friend Tech Beta Version?

Explore the beta version of friend tech.

How Create Account on Friend Tech Beta Version?

Shots Question:

How can I sign up for an account on beta version?

Shots Answer:

Here's how to create an account on

  • Register by using your Google account, Apple ID, or phone number. may ask for invite code which you may obtain in our discord community.

Now connect your twiter account with Click Link.

Authorize the twitter access.

Granting access to, formerly known as Twitter on X, is secure since they are backed by renowned venture capital firm Paradigm.

Please copy the ETH deposit address on BASE. Now transfer a small amount of ETH to the given address from your wallet or exchange, you can also send $0.001 worth of ETH to activate your account on friend tech.

Next click Proceed.

You can get a free key for your profile, now your profile keys are available for trading on friend tech. These keys represent creator tokens.

You have created a account, your profile picture will be the same as the one you had on Twitter (formerly known as X) when you connected to friend tech.

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