Decentralized Email: How to Use EtherMail Instead of Gmail or Yahoo Mail?

Tired of your centralized email service providers? Switch to EtherMail.

Decentralized Email: How to Use EtherMail Instead of Gmail or Yahoo Mail?

Are you worried about your email service provider's privacy policy? you're not alone. Many people are concerned about how their personal information is being used by email providers.

EtherMail is a new web3 email platform that addresses these concerns by offering fully anonymous and encrypted communication. Your messages are encrypted end-to-end. This means that only you and the recipient can read your messages.

Decentralized Email: EtherMail

Step 1: Sign Up for Email

Go to the homepage. Click Sign Up Free.

Connect your MetaMask wallet.

Click Sign Now.

Confirm signature request in wallet.

Now, you have your ethermail account.

Step 2: Set Up Email Account

Click Next. You can either enter your secondary email address as a backup or skip this step.

Set your privacy settings and click Next.

Now, click Retrieve Encryption Keys.

Again connect your MetaMask wallet and sign Signature.

Step 3: Veridy EtherMail

Click on Token box.

You can verify your account by sending an SMS to your mobile number. Alternatively, in case, you have made any transactions on your connected wallet, EtherMail will automatically detect this and your wallet will show as verified. It may take a while for EtherMail to detect that your wallet has made transactions on the blockchain.

To send emails through EtherMail, your wallet must be verified. When your wallet is not verified, you can only reply to incoming emails.

Step 4: Use Decentrlized Email

Click on your profile icon.

Click Alias.

You can use ENS, Unstoppable domain, or FreeName as secondary email addresses, also known as alias.

Copy your default email address. In our case, we received this email address:

This is where you can do all of your email tasks, such as sending, receiving, and managing your emails.

Final Reflections

EtherMail is a new email platform that offers a unique solution to the problem of email privacy. By using end-to-end encryption and a decentralized architecture, EtherMail ensures that your messages are safe from prying eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I send email from EtherMail to non-ethermail address?

You can send emails to people on their Gmail or Yahoo mail who do not have an EtherMail address.

2. Can I receive emails on my EtherMail from any email address?

Yes, you can receive emails from non-ethermail addresses like Gmail or Yahoo mail.

3. Can EtherMail employees or engineers read my emails?

No, they don’t have any access to user data and neither they can spy on user emails, as they are always encrypted.

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