Creating Interactive Characters with AI and Blockchain: The Ultimate Guide to CharacterGPT

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create a fully interactive character using CharacterGPT? you can now explore this exciting new frontier of character development.

Creating Interactive Characters with AI and Blockchain: The Ultimate Guide to CharacterGPT

Alethea AI is a web3 company building DApps using generative AI and blockchain technology that has developed CharacterGPT, also known as An AI-powered system that makes it easier for you to bring your stories to virtual world.

CharacterGPT allows you to generate interactive, believable characters with distinct appearances, voices, intelligence, personalities, and identities simply by providing a natural language description.

You can customize a character's personality, train its intelligence, trade its generative outputs and use it across other DApps on the Alethea AI's Protocol. Here's everything you need to know about it!

What to do on CharacterGPT

CharacterGPT uses deep learning algorithms to understand the context of a story or script and automatically generate new characters based on your input.

CharacterGPT offers three types of characters, and all types unlock different features. It offers Basic character, Collected character and Verified characters.

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Use Characters As Subordinates

You can train your character for any purpose and they will always be at your beck and call to help you out according to their training. You can transfer the knowledge that you've gained to your character, and then forget about it - but rest assured, the character will remember everything! Once you've trained them to solve specific problems, then you can trust your character to do that for you.

Trade Them As NFTs

If you want to make money directly through utilizing your skills in developing and training characters, then selling them as NFTs is the best option for you. You can easily put them up for sale on third party NFT marketplaces such as Opensea.

Take Help From AI Twins

When you're ever feeling stuck somewhere and need somebody to talk to, you can reach out to relevant twin characters created and trained by brilliant individuals using AI on their own traits, like  Sandeep Nailwal for instance. You can chat to him and ask questions which may help you in some way and provide further guidance.

Coaches can double their businesses by creating their own characters.

How to use CharacterGPT

  1. Go the homepage and click on the sign up button in right top corner.

2. Sign up page will pop-up on screen. Just fill in the details and click on Sign Up button.

3. They will send you an email for verification. Just click on Verify Email button and get ready to use CharacterGPT.

4. You'll get 30 free credits for sign up and 5 credit for email verification, to use CharacterGPT services.

5. Lets create new characters. Write description of your desired character and click on Generate button.

6. CharacterGPT will take few seconds and it will give you a character.

Character generated by HUD using CharacterGPT

7. Now click on Unlock button. New pop-up will show, click on Collect Character button and collect your character in your wallet.

8. Now you've collected your character. Customize it as you wish.

9. You'll also get 20 free credits for collecting your character on chain.

10. Whenever you wants to get help from the characters created by the people and trained on specific traits then just go to the community gallery and click on your fav character and ask any question you want.

Final Reflections

CharacterGPT is another powerful AI tool after ChatGPT. This is an addition to facilities which content creators will get in new AI and blockchain revolution. You're a busy person with no time to answer questions asked by rookies, then create a digital version of yourself, though it may not surpass your level of understanding, it will still be of service to you in some capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many credits use for character production?

Around 3 credits use for producing one character and there's limit to create only up to 5 characters per day.

2. How to earn credits?

By verifying your email, owning characters on the blockchain and sharing links on social media, you can earn additional credits. To view a full list of ways to obtain credits, click on the Credits button located in the top right corner after logging in.

3. Does Alethea AI have its native currency?

Yes, Alethea AI has its own token which is called Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI).

4. What kind of support options does CharacterGPT offer?

You can contact with team on discord and email. Remember, Alethea AI is the company behind CharacterGPT, so you can join their Discord server to get support from their team and the community for CharacterGPT.

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