Best Wallet for Securely Storing Inscriptions

Your inscriptions will safe here to store for long term.

Best Wallet for Securely Storing Inscriptions


I have a few inscriptions that I want to hold for the long term in a crypto wallet (not an exchange). I also don't want to store them in a wallet that isn't very compatible with ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. Where to store them?


You can use Ordinals wallet to hold and manage your inscriptions easily for long term. To create an Ordinals wallet, follow the tutorial provided below.

Once the Ordinals wallet is set up, you can transfer your inscriptions to it. These inscriptions will be displayed separately within the wallet, allowing you to securely store them for an extended period.

A significant advantage of the Ordinals wallet is its ability to keep inscriptions completely separate from the Bitcoin balance in the wallet. This means that when you send or receive Bitcoin, there is no risk of the inscriptions being accidentally transferred along with the Bitcoin.

The wallet effectively manages the handling of inscriptions and Bitcoin as separate entities.

Each inscription in the wallet represents a specific number of Satoshis. For example, let's consider a scenario where we transfered one inscription (~0.00000546 BTC) to a Ordinals wallet that currently has a zero BTC balance.

You will need Bitcoin in your wallet to cover the network fee when you transfer any inscription out of your Ordinals wallet.

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