How to Add a Custom Token to Your Trust Wallet

Do you want to see the recently purchased coin in your Trust wallet? Here's how to add any token in Trust Wallet.

How to Add a Custom Token to Your Trust Wallet

Probably you've recently acquired a token that isn't yet part of Trust Wallet, there's only one way to show off its balance and price in your profile - by adding it as a custom token! But don't worry, with just a few easy steps you can see it in your Trust wallet. So let's get started.  

Get the Contract Address of Token

You can get the contract address of a token from CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, although some coins do not list there in their early days. For these cases, you can reach out to the project team or community on Discord, Telegram, or any other platform where they interact and ask for the token's contract address.

Copy Token Contract Address From CoinMarketCap

1. To begin, navigate to their homepage and click on the search bar.

2. Locate the token you're looking for with either its name or ticker, and then click on it.

3. To copy the contract address of a token, simply click on the encircled icon and you're done!

Image: CoinMarketCap

Copy Token Contract Address From CoinGecko

  1. Can't find the token on CoinMarketCap? Give it a try on CoinGecko instead. Firstly, head to their homepage and hit the search bar.
  2. Quickly discover the token you need by searching for its name or ticker, then simply click on it.
  3. Click on highlighted icon and copy the address of a token.
Image: CoinGecko

Get Token Contract Address From Team

Is CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko not working? you can reach out directly to the project team or community. Most of them are accessible via Discord, Telegram, and other platforms on which they interact.

Simply post a message in the general channel that you want to add token in trust wallet and need contract address, most probably you'll get it.

Few tokens exist across multiple chains, so it's important to acquire the correct contract address for the chain where you own your coins.

Add Custom Token To Your Trust Wallet

  1. Open your trust wallet and press the Add Tokens button.

2.Can't find your token? Click the '+' icon and make sure you've selected the right network. Then, paste in the contract address. The remaining fields will fill up automatically. Click on Save and let's go.

Sometimes, remaining fields do not fill automatically, then reach out to the team or locate your token on a blockchain explorer using its contract address (such as on bscscan or etherscan) to find decimals, symbol and name.

3. Token will add in your profile. You can track token price just by clicking on the highlighted icon.

To view the price of token in your Trust wallet without clicking on that icon, simply close your wallet and reopen it. Price will be visible in your dashboard - just like other tokens!

Final Reflections

After following the steps and adding custom token to Trust Wallet, you can now use it for transactions. Trust Wallet can be used to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency. It supports 65 different blockchains and over a million different assets. Trust Wallet uses CoinMarketCap to display up-to-the-minute prices of different digital currencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why isn't the price of my custom token visible?

Trust Wallet provides token prices based on the listings from CoinMarketCap. When a token isn't listed on that website, then its price won't be visible in your wallet.

2. Why isn't my crypto balance correct in Trust Wallet?

This happens due to a bug, double-check your balance on a blockchain explorer. Now, delete your Trust wallet and re-import it to resolve this issue. Trust wallet has awsome help center with FAQs and tutorials.

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